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Long Answer Type Questions for 10th Class

Lesson 4 (A Gift for Christmas)

1.         Describe the incident of Della’s selling her hair in your own words.

Della loved her husband, Jim, very much. She wanted to buy a Christmas gift for him. But she had no much money. She had long beautiful hair. It looked like a cascade of brown waters. She decided to sell it so that she might buy a lovely gift for Jim. She went to a shop and sold her hair for twenty dollars. She knew that Jim had a beautiful gold watch. She bought a platinum watch chain for her husband.

2.         Both of them gave each other the gift of rare love. How? Explain.

Della and Jim loved each other very much. She was proud of being his wife. Both of them wanted to give a Christmas present to each other. For that, they sold their most precious things which were the dearest to them. Jim sold his gold watch to buy a beautiful set of combs for his darling. On the other side, Della sold her beautiful hair to buy a beautiful platinum watch chain for her love. Although their gifts proved useless yet they showed how deep they loved each other. Thus both of them gave each other the gift of rare love.

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