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Revision of Modals for 10th Class

Govt. Senior Secondary School Arni Wala S. S.
Revision Test Series for Class 10th
Name ___________________ Roll No. ________ M.M. 25

Fill in the blanks with suitable Modals :
1. You _______________________ do as you are told. (shall / should)
2. Walk carefully lest you ___________________ sprain your foot. (may / should)
3. _____________________ you finish your work in two hours? (can / may)
4. None ___________________ question the ways of God. (can / could)
5. It __________________________ rain today. (may / might) (very little possibility)
6. I ______________________________ not come yesterday since I was too busy. (would / could)

7. You __________________________ not see him, just write a letter. (need / dare)
8. _____________________ you like to take coffee? (can / would)
9. You ____________________________ attend the evening class. (must / will) (greater possibility)

10. Mohan Kanshla _________________ rather die than beg. (will / would) (to express a preference)

11. You _________________ reach there in time. (must / should) (order in a more determined sense)

12. We __________________________ not waste our precious time. (should / must) (more forceful)

13. Harpreet __________________________ speak English fluently. (can / would) (showing ability)

14. _____________________ I take your leave? (can / may) (asking permission)
15. He ____________________________ help you if you ask him. (will / shall)
16. _________________________________ that I were a king! (would / could)
17. You _______________________________ be in the school by 9 o ’clock. (should / must) (order)

18. Your headache ______________ also be due to some other problem. (can / could) (not very sure)

19. I am sure he ____________________ be cured. (can / may) (very sure)
20. It ___________________________ be Shekhar. (can / may) (not very sure)
21. Kuldeep __________________________ work hard daily. (must / should) (less determination)

22. If wishes were horses, beggars ___________________________________ ride. (will / would)

23. ___________________________________ I take her out, mother? (can / could) (more polite)

24. ___________________________ I come in sir? (may / can) (more formal)
25. We ______________________________ serve our country. (ought to / should) (not to forceful)

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