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Lesson 1 (How did Camel got its Hump)

What did the camel do all day?
The camel ate all day and did nothing.

What did the horse, the dog and the ox ask the came to do?

The horse, the dog and the ox asked the came to work for man.

How did the horse describe the camel to the Jinn?

The horse described the Jinn that camel had a long neck and long legs. He refuses to do any work.

Why is the camel called ‘The ship of the desert’?

Camels are desert animals. Their flat wide feet help them walk easily on sand. They can go for long periods without food and water. That is why he is called ‘ The ship of the desert.’

How did the camel get its hump?

The Jinn recited some magic words in his mind. When the camel said ‘hump’, there appeared a hump on its back.

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