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Lesson 10 (Life Story of a Man-eater)

1. What did the cub’s mother caution him about?
She always cautioned him never to leave the cave during her absence.
2. What is the law in jungle?
The law in the jungle is – beware, the cub of the stranger.
3. Who else did the Bhalu advise him to avoid? Why
Bhalu advised him to avoid man. red dogs and mad jackles. He warned him that man was the worst of all the killers in the forest.
4. How did his foot injured?
One evening, he was lying on the hill-side. Suddenly a heavy missile struck his paw. It smashed his bone and tore off the flesh. He could never use that foot again.

5 Why did his mate back away from him?
After killing a lad, the tiger fled back to the cave. Reaching there, his mate came out to greet him. But she smelt the human blood on his claws. She disliked it. That was why she backed away from him and was never seen again.

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