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Lesson -3 (The Postmaster)

1. How did the postmaster feel at Ulapur? why?
The postmaster felt like a fish out of water at Ulapur. Because he belonged to Calcutta and was appointed in this remote village.
2. Who was Ratan?
Ratan was an orphan girl of the village. She did odd jobs for the postmaster.
3. What memories haunted the postmaster?
The memories of his own home, mother and sister haunted the postmaster. These memories often made him sad.
4. What did Ratan learn from the postmaster?
Ratan learnt the alphabet from the postmaster. In a very short time, she learnt the double consonants.
5. Why did he apply for transfer?
He applied for transfer because he did not want to live there. The climate of the area did not suit him. He felt home sick also.
6. What were the words that Ratan could not bear?
The postmaster said, “Ratan, I shall tell my successor to look after you”. These words were kindly meant. She could not bear them.
7. What did he try to give her while going away?
He tried to give her his whole month’s salary. But she refused to take it.
8. What did Ratan actually want?
Ratan actually wanted the postmaster to take her to his house.

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