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Lesson 4 (Budgeting Your Time)

1. Why is money considered so important?
Money is considered so important because everyone loves it. People believe that its power is great. We can buy anything with it. It is said that money makes the mare go.

2. Does time wait for anyone?
No, time and tide wait for none. Those who waste their time, have to repent. So one must act in time before it is too late.
3. What type of precious moment should not be lost?
The time which can make or mar one’s whole future should not be lost. Such a precious moment must not be ignored.
4. Which is the most important time for doing something?
‘Now’ is the most important time for doing something. It is the only time when we have power to act something.
5. Why must one be punctual?
One must learn to be punctual in all one’s activities. If we are not punctual, we may miss any important task to do. Then we shall have to repent. The power of time is greater than money. Money once lost, can be regained ; time once lost, is lost for ever.
6. Is it useful to cry over the spilit milk or blame our stars for our failures?
It is no use to cry over the spilit milk. We should not blame our stars for our failures when we are ourselves responsible for it.

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