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Lesson 5 (Journey by Night)

1. Who was Sher Singh Bahadur?
Sher Singh Bahadur was a really brave man. He was a famous hunter. He lived in Laldwani village. He looked after his animals and cultivated his field.
2. Where did he get the scar from?
He got the scar from a tiger who attacked him when he was pulling his comrade away from a tiger.
3. What had happened to all the children?
All the children were dead. They had died of Cholera and Influenza.
4. How did Sher Singh cross the second river?
Sher Singh made a rope from grass. He tied it round his brother and himself. Then he entered the water and moved forward slowly. It was only his courage that helped him to cross the river.

5 What did the doctor say?
The doctor called Sher Singh a brave boy. He called him Sher Singh Bahadur. He told him that his brother was out of danger.

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