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Lesson 6 & 7 (The Bishop's candlesticks – I & II)

1. What did the convict want?
The convict was hungry. He had eaten nothing for three days. He asked the Bishop to give him food to eat.
2. Why did the Bishop leave the door unbarred?
The Bishop was a kind-hearted man. He was always ready to help the poor and the needy. He did not fear any theft. So he kept the door unbarred.
3. Why did the convict become a thief?
The convict had no work to do. His wife was ill. She was dying. He had no money. He had no food to give her. So he had to steal to buy food for his wife.
4. What did he tell the Bishop about prison life?
The convict told the Bishop that he was treated badly in the prison. They chained him up like a wild animal. They lashed him like a hound. He was fed on filth. He was covered with vermin.
5. Why did the convict steal again?
The convict had run away from prison. He spent the night in the Bishop’s house. He stole his silver candle sticks. He thought he could get a lot of money by selling them.

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