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Lesson 8 and 9 (God sees the truth, but waits)

1. What did Ivan Dmitrich Aksenov’s wife say when he was about to start?
Ivan Dmitrich Aksenov’s wife told him not to go to the fair when he was about to start. Because she had a bad dream about him.
2. What had she dreamt about?
She had dreamt that her husband had returned from the town. When he took off his cap, she saw that his hair had turned grey.
3. After searching his luggage what did the soldiers find?
The soldiers found a blood-stained knife after searching his luggage.
4. What was Aksenov charged with?
Aksenov was charged with murdering a merchant and robbing him of twenty
thousand rubles.

5. What did he tell his wife?
He told his wife that he had not killed and robbed the merchant. He suggested her that they should petition the king not to let an innocent man die.
6. Why did he gave up all hope?
His wife did not believe him that he was innocent. The king had also rejected their petition for mercy. It gave him a big shock and he gave up all hope.
7. What was the punishment give to him?
Aksenov was condemned to be flogged and sent to Siberia to live with other
8. What were the changes that came over Aksenov during his twenty-six year stay in Siberia?
His hair turned white as snow. His beard grow long, thin and grey. All his mirth went. His back was bent. He walked slowly. He spoke little and never laughed. He often prayed to God.
9. What did the prison authorities think of Aksenov?
The prison authorities liked Aksenov for his goodness. His fellow-prisoners also respected him. They called him ‘Grandfather’ and ‘The Saint’.
10. How did Makar’s heart change?
Makar’s heart was changed due to Aksenov’s goodness. Makar feared that he would tell the prison authorities about his crime. But Aksenov told nothing about it. This changed Makar’s heart.

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