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Pairs of words

  1. Can you ________ this stick.                                     (brake, break)
  2. All ________ her friend joined the party.                  (accept, except)
  3. He is __________ in drawing.                                    (adept, adopt)
  4. ________ of everything is bad.                                  (excess, access)
  5. She was released on ___________ .                           (bale, bail)
  6. The first ______ of Panipat was fought in 1526.       (battle, war)
  7. The first world _____ was started in 1914.                (battle, war)
  8. what a lovely ____________ !                                   (site, sight)
  9. Giving of dowry is not a good ________.                 (habit, custom)
  10. The doctor gave him a ______ of medicine.              (doze, dose)
  11. Who __________ telephone?                                     (invented, discovered)
  12. Jaundice is a common _____________.                     (disease, decease)
  13. I saw a ___________ boat.                                         (drowning, sinking)
  14. Surinder writes his _________ daily.                         (dairy, diary)
  15. Her _________ is very charming.                               (gait, gate)
  16. You must have some _____ in your life.                    (gaol, goal)
  17. Let’s try to solve this __________ problem.               (naughty, knotty)
  18. Is there any __________ for me today.                      (mail, male)
  19. Will you ________ me?                                              (marry, merry)
  20. Keep ___________ please.                                         (quite, quiet)
  21. The _________ never dies.                                         (sole, soul)
  22. The Sun is _________________.                               (stationary, stationery)
  23. He narrated his sad __________.                               (tale, tail)
  24. Don’t ________ your time.                                         (waste, waist)
  25. He went for a walk in the _________.                       (woods, wood)
  26. Please ________ here for some time.                         (wait, weight)
  27. _________ out the damp clothes.                               (ring, wring)
  28. Do not _______ in the class.                                      (dose, doze)
  29. He always ________ good clothes.                            (wares, wears)
  30. Never lose your ____________.                                 (temper, tamper)
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