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“To teach is to learn”, says a Japanese proverb. A good teacher is one who lives all his/her life a student. The first and the best natural teacher is the mother.

As Gandhi said, “If you educate a man, you are educating an individual, but in educating a girl child, you are educating the family, society and the entire nation.”

The next best teacher, of course, is the school teacher. A mediocre teacher tells you, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates and a great teacher inspires and teaches you how to think independently.

A good teacher also helps students to realise his/her potentials with dual objectives: education for living and education for making a living.”

The teacher should not simply impart knowledge of facts, but of values, and aim at making human beings good humans. As they say, what is the difference between a station master and school master? Simple:

A station master minds the trains, and the school master trains the minds.

Dr S Radhakrishnan, a great scholar and former President of India, always preferred to be addressed as a ‘teacher’, and not by any other high-sounding titles .His birthday, which falls today, is celebrated as Teacher’s Day to honour him and all other teachers.

As the Vice-Chancellor of Benaras Hindu University, he was invited by Jawaharlal Nehru, the then PM and offered the assignment of ambassador to Russia, a lucrative offer of high prestige,

The only condition Radhakrishnan had was that three months in a year, he would like to spend at Oxford, teaching and learning. It was accepted.

He proved his mettle, when, after a meeting with Russian leader Stalin (on Stalin’s request), the tough dictator, who seldom gave audience to foreign dignitaries, remarked, “I met a man who during his hour -long meeting talked only on international matters, primarily on world peace, poverty and universal brotherhood.

Teachers are very special and important in any society. That is why Einstein had said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge in his/her students.”.

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