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Lesson 6 – A Robot called Makito – 8th English – SA II – 2016-17

1 How did Robin look? How old was he?

Robin was 16 years old. He was tall and slim.

3 What happened to Robin’s mother?

Robin’s mother had cancer when  he was 10 years old.

4 What did the doctor say to Robin’s father?

The doctor told Robin’s father that the boy must come out of his depression or he will be very sick.

5 What did Robin’s aunt do for Robin?

Robin’s aunt gave him lovely books with colourful pictures.

10 What did Robin say to his father he wanted to learn?

Robin told his father that he wanted to learn how to make robots.

11 Who was Mr. Yamawaki? What was his advice to Robin?

Mr. Yamawaki was the partner of Robin’s father. He advised Robin to learn the Japenese language.

12 What are the four main islands of Japan?

Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku.

14 What did Robin bring with him when he came back from Japan?

Robin brought a small robot named Makito with him when he came back from Japan.

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