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Lesson 8 – Childhood

2 How old was Gandhiji when he was sent to a high school?

Gandhiji was only 12 when he was sent to a high school.

3 Why did Gandhiji make his books and lessons his sole companions?

Gandhiji made his books and lessons his sole companions he was very shy and avoided all company.

4 Who was Mr. Giles? Why did he visit Gandhiji’s school?

Mr. Giles was the inspector of schools. He visited Gandhiji’s school for inspection.

5 What did the teacher want Gandhiji to do and why?

The teacher wanted Gandhiji to copy the spellings from his friend’s slate so that the spellings can be corrected.

8 What did Shravana do for his parents?

Shravana was an obedient boy. He carried his blind parents on a pilgrimage on his shoulders.

9 How did the story of Harishchandra inspire Gandhiji?

The story of Harishchandra inspired Gandhiji to follow the truth and to go through all the problems.

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