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Lesson 12 – Our Civilisation II

1 What are the good points of a democracy?

The good points of a democracy are that all are equal before the law. All have a voice to decide who shall govern them.

3 What is the difference between the life of the rich and the poor?

The rich people enjoy luxary life while the poor have to live in a single room with five of six persons. They live miserable life.

5 What has made war immensely dangerous in modern times?

The atom has made war immensely dangerous in modern times.

6 What can happen if there is another war in the world?

If there is another war in the world, men will fight with bows and arrows after that.

8 How should we use the time and energy machines have saved for us?

We should use time and energy to find out more and more about universe and how to remove poverty.

9 What do you think is meant by being civilized?

Being civilized means making and liking beautiful things. It means thinking freely and living rightly.

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