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Lesson 10 – Saint Ravidas

1 When do saints and sages appear on the earth?

Saints and sages appear on the earth whenever the moral and social life of people shows sign of decay.

3 When and where was Ravidas born?

Ravidas was born in 1377 at Banaras.

5 Why could Ravidas not continue with his studies?

Ravidas could not continue with his studies because his stay at school was very short and unhappy.

6 What was it that left a deep scar on his mind?

it was a very painful and unpleasent experience that left a deep scar on his mind.

7 What did Ravidas’s teacher notice about him?

Ravidas’s teacher noticed that he was not an ordinary child.

8 Who was Ravidas in search of and why?

Ravidas was in search of some spiritual teacher who could show him the right path.

9 What did Swami Ramanand do for Ravidas?

Swami Ramanand took Ravidas as a disciple.

11 What place did Saint Ravidas choose for his meditation?

Saint Ravidas chose Banaras for his meditation.

13 What change came in the hunter after his contact with Saint Ravidas?

A positive change came in the hunter after his contact with Saint Ravidas. His heart felt with pity.

14 What were the main points of Saint Ravidas’s teachings?

Saint Ravidas spoke in a simple and clear manner. He told that all are equal in the eyes of God.

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